About Servicei

Servicei is an invaluable online platform established to assist customers and service providers locate one another without restriction or expense. We are about connecting people, promoting free enterprise and enabling users to discover and be discovered with more options and opportunity than ever before!

Founded 2016 in San Francisco, Servicei enables users to locate other members to fulfill both unique and conventional services through an open online community. Service providers could be businesses, skilled professionals or regular members in that can offer their expertise or experience to help you. Servicei is about finding the right person for the job at the right price, whilst creating opportunity and recognition of undiscovered skills and new services. No commissions or fees, we promote an open unrestrcited environment where our members make the decisions.

To become a member simply sign up on our site and you are ready to hire or be hired!

What members can do with Servicei

I'm a Customer?

  • - Post free ads for services wanted.
  • - Be safe, private and save time - add images and video to help describe your jobs.
  • - Receive competitive pricing through an open bidding system.
  • - Search and contact service providers directly for quick service.
  • - Maintain privacy online, you decide whom to share contact information with.
  • - Compare provider rates and review feedback left by others to make well-informed decisions.
  • - Be a service provider too and use your hobby or skill as a service to others.

I'm a Service Provider?

  • - Find work, no commissions, fees or charges, you earn you keep.
  • - Advertise your services for free and help your customers find you on servicei.
  • - View, bid and connect with customers about their jobs without restriction.
  • - Promote skills and services, and build recognition through customer feedback.
  • - Receive notification of the latest jobs posted matching your skills.
  • - Search jobs quickly and accurately.

Our members can be both customers and service providers at the same time, budding entrepreneurs can start a new business, establish new markets and build recognition - all for free. Be discovered and use your skill, profession or hobby as a service to others. Regardless of how unique or conventional your service skill may be, supplement your income and help somebody at the same time.

Founder and CEO – Malwa Company


Technical Director – Guillaume Oneill


Guillaume has worked in the Internet and Intranet world for over 12 years, more recently as a senior Django developer for several interent sites and start ups (EMC Computer, Eventbrite, Montransport.com, Shoplist, placeforPeople, Spling, KnowYourBank) He has extensive experience in software development and over 25 years prior experience in design and optimization of major databases including SGBD as DB2, Oracle, Mysql and PostGreSq. Guillaume now serves as tecnical director at Servicei advising and directing on advancements to platform.